The Story of Two Turtles
(Let's enjoy with lovely turtles !)
Welcome to our website.
We introduce you two unique aquatic turtles living in the room with us
like desert turtles in Japan and various ways to enjoy turtles.
We make
this website with our heart "We wish to you know loveliness of turtles
and make your heart warm".Let's have a happy time with various
lovely turtles today !

Our red-eared slider Kamemi had passed away suddenly on July 13, 2010.
She will keep taking an active part on this website in the future.
Thank you for loving her. And I hope you love her forever.

* A new member in "Friends of Rainbow Bridge(January 31, 2022)
* A new picture of Japanese traditional painting, sumie in "Gallery Rainbow Bridge"
(November 10, 2019)
*New photos in "Let's go and see turtle."(October 20, 2019)
The profile of our turtles Various lovely yawns of turtles
( A cute chorus of turtles)
The story we came across our turtles The Fashion Show of lovely turtles
The report of voluntary activity Let's go and see turtles !
Our turtles were on TV. Cooking (Let's make turtles shape !)
The latest photos of two turtles My handicraft works of turtle
The album of two turtles(Vol.1) Various handicraft works of turtle
The album of two turtles(Vol.2) Gallery Rainbow Bridge
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The album of two turtles(Vol.4) Special Gallery
Basking of turtles Some ideas for turtle's keeping

The calendar of our turtles' winter life

The report of egg laying of our turtles
Sleeping faces of our turtles Ideas for egg laying.
Bedroom for Dreaming turtles Good ideas to live happily with turtles
Yawns of turtles Ideas for turtle's food
Green heart pages have photos.
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